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Disney movie sexBy Gabrielle Moss July 28 If you spent your childhood obsessed with Disney or if you've spent 15 minutes of your life on the Internet , you've heard the rumors about the alleged dirty stuff hidden in Disney cartoons. The puff of dust that seems to spell out "sex" in the sky during The Lion King? The bishop's supposed erect penis in The Little Mermaid? In an era in which every other film-related urban legend seems to have been easily debunked rest in peace, ghost-who-was-actually-just-a-cardboard-cutout-of-Ted-Danson in Three Men and a Baby , the stories about sexy stuff inserted into Disney films still endure. Possibly because they're a little more subtle than other film-related urban myths, possibly because we're all aware of the fact that there occasionally are actual raunchy sex jokes in Disney films , and possibly because we all just really, really like the idea of pissed-off animators taking vengeance on their bosses with nothing but their pen and their ability to draw a convincing dinglehopper. So what's the truth? Was your childhood ruined by secret penis-drawing maniacs?The Rumor: When Simba flops on the edge of cliff, the dust that rises around him into the night sky supposedly spells out "sex." The film was. Now, that said, I'm not talking about Disney's penchant for sexual subliminal messages. We've all seen how the word "sex" gets woven into. You'll never watch The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Cinderella again without noticing these sex jokes...the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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